One Code All Locations

April 4, 2017
One Code All Locations

Introducing our new car wash system which makes it simpler, easier, and more affordable to maintain your vehicle's exterior. Whether you are purchasing single uses or multiple car wash packs, you can now use them at any of our 17 Red River Co-op Car Wash locations. So go on, get out there and get dirty. We've got you covered.



650 Archibald St.- Twin bay
1082 Ellice Ave. - Twin bay
1123 Gateway Rd. - Twin bay
1745 Kenaston Blvd. - Twin bay
1947 Henderson Hwy. - Single bay
2615 McPhillips St.- Twin bay
345 Osborne St. - Twin bay
190 St. Anne’s Rd. - Single bay
1621 St. Mary’s Rd. - Twin bay
3755 Portage Ave. - Single bay
50 Centre St. - High speed conveyor 
3425 Roblin Blvd. - High speed conveyor 
3357 Pembina Hwy. - High speed conveyor 
2535 Main St. -High speed conveyor 
1376 Regent Ave. W. - High speed conveyor 
275 Main St., Selkirk, MB - Single bay
491 4th St. E., Stonewall, MB - Single bay